Why Us

The GURUKUL Defence Academy’s Experience… incisive, intensive & innovative
It translates Education into Job
GURUKUL Defence Academy was established as a top ranking institute 3 years ago, solely with the aim of helping  students achieve success in Defence exams by providing the highest quality coaching. The method, content and teaching standards established by the GURUKUL Defence Academy have become synonymous with success in the minds of candidates.
The Performance
OUR RESULTS: Total job selections 150 and the ranks / positions achieved by our students are  officer, acting sub-lieutenant, second lieutenant. Air Craftsmen, Petty Officer etc. As regards the past achievements, the GURUKUL Defence Academy has contributed all  the total selections done for defence since 2010, in Rajasthan which by itself says a lot. Nothing else come close to it.
Pilot Officer, Flying Officer, Flight Lieutenant, Squadron Leader, Wing Commander, Group Captain, Air Commodore, Air Vice-Marshal, Air Marshal, Air Chief Marshal… One day you’ll have those wonderful letters before your name.
SELECTION in the defence forces is absolutely free and Fair. No money is required to paid to any agency for selection. Please do not be misled by anyone.