I am selected in Indian Airforce and Navy from GDA


Hello frndz I am selected in Indian Airforce and Navy from GDA I wanna add something abt the prestigious GDA. First of all… its an institute that guides you towards joining the Indian Armed Forces. It gives you not only written preparations but trains you for physical tests also. Getting selected or not is all in your hands. If you have the guts to cope up and work hard, GDA is the right place for you to achieve your goals, nobody in the world can get you into the forces or anywhere else if you don’t want to be in. I am telling you it from all my experience that I have gained in GDA. As soon as I had passed 12th, my father asked me to join GDA to achieve my dream of joining the INDIAN AIRFORCE. Anyways after 12th , I was not interested in studies and thought that I would never be able to achieve it. After a few days I read something about GDA then I got realized that I should go to GURUKUL and try at least once to change my dreams in reality,. But after attending a few classes, I realized that this was the right opportunity for me. As the teaching methodology was simple and easy to understand. To double it up, I started studying hard, I studied upto 8 hrs daily, excluding the 4 hours of classes. And finally I made it as after a few days I got my joining letter from Indian Air force. So remember frndz, only GDA will show you the right path to succeed in your life, but on those paths you have to walk yourselves. Remember, it is a national level exam and to clear it you will have to work hard and raise your own standards. You will have to be getting better and better every day, every hour, every second , as the GDA gives you better guidance. You won’t ever regret on your decision if you really want to join defence services and are ready to put in all your efforts.
रख हिम्मत कर कोशिस वो मंजर भी आयेगा

प्यासे के पास चल कर वो समन्दर भी आयेगा

यूँ थक कर ना बैठ ए मंजिल के मुसाफिर

एक दिन वो मंजिल भी मिलेगी और मिलने का मज़ा भी आयेगा
thanks gurukul a lot