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Teachers believes in realizing students true potential and focus on their overall development. Teachers believe in preparing students in all spheres of life and provide a learning environment with a combination of academics and extra –curricular activities.


Every Saturday mock test held. Our defence experts lay a special teaching plan and design special mock test to help the student to crack the exam. Practices are a perfect blend of traditional and modern system technologies.


We provide regularly physical training for candidates by physical trainers who is retired from army which makes student physical fit to complete the recruitment process.

Air cooled Hostel

The students’ dormitory have been designed in such a way that the students may accommodate themselves to live and learn. The hostels with air cooled facility have been designed as a place for students to live and learn to adjust to the educational demands, while encouraging them to develop a healthy social network. Each hostel is under the care of a resident lady/gent warden (as per requirements) who maintains the academic, medical and personal progress of her/his wards. She/he also acts as an able counsellor, guide and administrator.

Filtered Water

The RO plant is used for clean drinking water.

LIBRARY FACILITY for self study

People update their knowledge through library. Keeping this view in mind, Gurukul Defence Academy, Kuchaman City has a huge air cooled library where students can revise their notes and class work.


Gurukul Defence Academy, Kuchaman City never compromises on the quality of food provided to the students. Health is wealth, keeping this view in mind, nutritious food (Sprouted gram as well as porridge boiled with milk, pulses and green vegetables) full of proteins and vitamins is eaten by the students in their break fast, dinner and lunch. The infrastructure of the refectory is attractive. The meal is cooked and prepared through boilers and automatic machines. Special consideration as well as attention is taken into account regarding the cleanliness of our mess . At every level, we try to create a home for our students. Meals such a breakfast, lunch and dinner are eaten under the supervision of skilled wardens. The coaching mess provides a balanced diet prepared under the hygienic conditions. The authority of the institution is conscious about the quality of food. Proper table manners are taught while the students dine. Special diets are organised on national and religious festivals and other celebrations.​


Everyone lives in society dependent on technology at work, home and institutions. Technology plays a major role in teaching learning process. In this direction, computers are used in large scale. Following the perception of this, Gurukul Defence Academy also has a huge air cooled with the best internet speed computer lab where students are guided and taught by the well trained teachers. The computer lab helps the students and they are mentally prepared for the online competitive exams.


A Smart classroom provides the students and teachers with virtual interactive sessions, access to adaptive and collaborative learning, performance – based assessments, and developing student’s abilities and performance. Gurukul Defence Academy, Kuchaman city have smart classroom including projector so that time of aspirants and teachers could save, and can do proper preparation.


“Life cannot be perfect without motivations.” We have evolved a process to first understand who you are – we analyse your strength and weaknesses and thereafter work upon you to evolve and transform your overall personality that fits into the mould of an officer in the Indian Armed Forces. A candidate is not tutored but reformed to think and act pragmatically, efficiently and effectively for his entire lifetime. Our team identify the strength of a candidates and then work upon enhancing these qualities to make them prominent and hence noticeable at the selection centre. Therefore our students don't fake themselves at the SSB by giving mugged up replies. Our procedure is unlike others and is aimed at optimising your chances of success making SSB a pleasant experience. Career guidance seminar and counselling session are held after regular time period.


“Meditation is a mind and body practice that has a long history of use for increasing calmness and physical relaxation, improving psychological balance, coping with illness, and enhancing overall health and well-being,” Daily Yoga and meditation sessions are held in our campus which makes candidates physically and as well as mentally fit.

Gurukul dairy:-

Milk, curd and other dairy product are supplied from our Gurukul dairy.

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